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Hey! I'm Maddy...

Certified Personal Trainer, Mindset Mentor,
BeachBody Coach

I want you to live like a woman whose very soul is ablaze inside her. I want you to know your true potential and then unleash it. I want you to tap in to your gifts, your value, your dreams. Here, we dig in to what has you feeling stuck. We identify the things holding you back. We focus on whole-being health - mind, body, spirit. Training here goes beyond just the nutrition and exercise programs we use. Why? Because I believe you were created for freedom and I want you to chase after it like your very life depends on it. Because sister, it does.

I believe with my entire heart that health starts in our minds. We have to change our minds about ourselves before we can achieve the lasting change we want to see in our bodies. It took me years to learn how to appreciate and love my body for what it is capable of. It took me years to realize that achieving true and lasting health requires, first, an attitude of gratitude towards the way my body is right now - today. It took me years to realize that if I am not happy and satisfied and at peace with myself where I'm at, I won't find those things when I'm 20 pounds lighter... and my friend, neither will you. 

All training at The Get Real Coach stands on a simple premise: we cannot shame and guilt and compare ourselves into getting healthy. The one true way to live a full and healthy life is to work towards our health and fitness goals as a direct response to the love, appreciation, and respect we have for our physical bodies.

When you work with me I will help equip you to make these necessary mindset adjustments. I will stand beside you, I will walk with you, I will encourage you. But most importantly of all, I will coach you. Every program I create is designed with one goal: to help you find FREEDOM from the things in your mind, heart, and life that are holding you back from achieving your goals, and to help you become the very best version of yourself you can possibly be. 

I can't wait to work together!
Keep it real,
- Maddy

Meet Maddy
Why Get Real Coach

Why work with a coach?


Someone to help point you in the right direction as you pursue your health & fitness goals.


Have an amazing group of women encouraging you and supporting you! It's incredible what having a "tribe" can do...


A coach is different than a cheerleader. Training with a coach means having someone there to help hold you accountable and remind you what it is you want to achieve.

Together at the Top

Together, we can achieve more. Every "great" that has ever lived has had a mentor, a coach, a teacher... Having someone to advise you, listen to you, encourage you, and push you is an invaluable tool you can utilize to help you achieve your goals.

Weight Loss

Contrary to many new philosophies out there, wanting to lose weight is not a bad thing! Doing so in a healthy and impactful way, however, is vital.


Never stop learning. Working with a coach means getting the opportunity to gain insight and knowledge you can apply to your own personal wellness journey.




“I’ve worked with a few BeachBody coaches but no one has spoken to my heart like Maddy. It’s a mind/body/spirit package with her and she speaks LIFE into me. She encourages you to keep going and to check in and to share what’s on your heart and mind and everything about it just 'clicks' with me. It’s not about getting in to smaller jeans or a number on the scale... it’s as much about getting your mind and spirit healthy as it is getting your body healthy. Doing this program has been a serious blessing in my life and a big reason for that is Maddy’s support and encouragement.”

— Jess Temple @wearlove_always

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