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LIIFT 4: Keep it or kick it?

An honest review of BeachBody's LIIFT4 Fitness Program with Joel Freeman.

My first interaction with BeachBody actually began with the LIIFT4 Fitness Program. I was a Certified Personal Trainer myself, so I knew how to identify a good exercise program. I was interested in LIIFT4, but not fully convinced it would meet all the crazy requirements of that season of my life...

1. Ability to do the workouts in a space about 5x6 feet wide.

We were on harvest, living in our travel trailer with the kids (ages 1 and 3 at the time) and the dog. Since we travel for work 6 months out of the year our entire lives are in that trailer and that leaves very, very limited space to workout.

2. Quick and efficient workouts.

We were 10+ hours away from family and friends, and my husband was averaging 105-hour work weeks. In layman's terms this means I was flying solo, and had no one to watch my kids. I needed workouts that were reasonable in length, because I knew I would be squeezing them in in between wiping butts and fetching snacks.

3. Frequency and flexibility.

At that particular time in my life there was no way I could commit to a program that required a daily workout. Our schedule was bananas, and always, always changing. I knew I needed something that was going to work around MY LIFE, not something I had to work my life around.

So, did it make the cut?

I wasn't sure a program could meet all of that criteria. When I signed up I told my coach I would commit to 30 days to see if it worked for me. It was an 8-week program...

Honestly, it took me a couple of weeks to get in the groove. Also honestly, I loved the workouts IMMEDIATELY. Once I was in a bit of a routine it became so much easier to get in the four workouts each week. I'd be lying if I didn't tell you guys that most of my 30ish-minute workouts took me 45 or more to complete due to constant interruptions by my children, but I did my best and just kept pushing through (with no yelling... ok fine, with minimal yelling... ok fine, there was some significant yelling but we all survived and it got better with time!). Let's be real, working out with children running around can be challenging. These incredible tiny humans we created tend to be a little, shall we say, needy? But in spite of their age and the small space we were sharing, the workouts were absolutely do-able.

I could do every single workout in the space I had, which was really surprising. Not only that, but these workouts were intense. Really intense. A combo of weight lifting and HIIT which to me is a match made in workout heaven. So I was able to do them in the small space and get a complete butt-kicking workout in the process.

Basically, with LIIFT4, it seemed I had struck gold. The program was EVERYTHING I needed it to be. Four workouts a week, 30-40 minutes per workout, do-able in a small space, something I enjoyed, and flexible.

I completed all 8 weeks of that first Challenge and have since done a second round! I cannot recommend it highly enough - particularly for anyone who has a busy schedule! It's hands down a 10/10.

What: BeachBody's LIIFT4 Fitness Program

Who: Trainer Joel Freeman

When: 4 workouts per week, 30-40 minutes per workout

Type: Weight lifting and HIIT

Requirements: Dumbbells (ranging from 5lbs - 30lbs on average... I used this adjustable dumbbell set by Bowflex.)

Rating: 10 of 10

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