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One decision away...

I created this graphic and posted it on Instagram almost exactly two months ago. And let me just tell you, I desperately needed to follow my own advice this week.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Wednesday slapped me with a horrible case of "I-just-want-to-crawl-under-the-covers." I had no clue where this came from, and because I couldn't identify a source and wanted those negative emotions to "just go away," instead of feeling sad, I felt mad. I felt annoyed. I felt frustrated with myself. I was irritable and bitter and every little thing set me off. Much to the chagrin of my husband and children. So often when these big emotions rise up within us we tend to ignore all of the tools we have in our tool belts. Instead of utilizing the things I have learned I fell smack back into old patterns of behavior: • I avoided. • I "checked out." • I ate crappy food to numb and to "feel better." • I bailed on my workout. • I yelled at my kids. • I tucked my face behind a screen. Essentially, I ran away. I didn't want to deal with the negative emotions I was experiencing, I really just wanted to stop feeling them. As you can guess, this didn't lead me anywhere positive. In fact, the next morning I woke up feeling much the same. But as I looked in the mirror I knew I had a choice to make: I could choose pitiful, or I could choose powerful. You see, we all have bad days. We all fall in to old behaviors that do not serve us on occasion. We all have momentary lapses where it seems we forget all of the tools we have at our disposal. But we most certainly do not have to STAY in that place. It's all about a decision... making that next decision, for me, was CHOOSING to embrace the power I have over my thoughts and my emotions. It wasn't an easy choice. It certainly wasn't the natural choice. But I decided to look down, acknowledge the tools I have available to me, and then use one.

Just one decision, friends. Your next decision. Focus on your next decision. You are powerful enough to get back on track. You are strong enough and tough enough and smart enough. You have enough energy, time, and dedication to do it. I know you do. I know you can. And I know I can, too. Have you gotten "off track" recently? I love expanding the tools in my belt and want to hear about any tools YOU use to help you re-focus and move forward. Share them with me in the comments below, or shoot me a DM on the 'Gram - @thegetrealcoach. (It's where I love hanging out!) I'll be compiling my favorites and YOURS could be featured in my next newsletter! (, to sign up!) Keep it real, y'all, - Maddy

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